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3/7/13 11:48:19PM
You've got to be shitting me! Hot bout, wager, and parlay down the drain.
3/7/13 11:48:20PM
Get the hell out of here, what did Marshall even do? Rocked him once and got taken down about seven times and controlled for the rest of it.

Garbage judging, Leonard Garcia would be world champion if these guys were at every one of his fights
3/7/13 11:48:40PM
He's too happy for someone who fought like shit.
3/7/13 11:49:41PM
Garbage decision
3/7/13 11:49:56PM

Posted by grappler0000

You've got to be shitting me! Hot bout, wager, and parlay down the drain.

3/7/13 11:50:04PM
WHAT... That"s pretty fucked they would give that to Marshall. He landed like 3 clean punches all fight and all he did other than that was move forward. He got taken down multiple times each round.
3/7/13 11:50:58PM
Apparently 2 of the 3 judges, much like myself only saw the last 35-40 seconds of the fight.
3/7/13 11:51:36PM
I'm going to try and take comfort from the idea that very few people who picked Marshall would have picked him to win by decision (I hope)
3/7/13 11:53:23PM
i want Sandro to win, just so i'll know that bullshit decision wont cost me $34k
3/7/13 11:53:45PM
That just ruined the event for me. I can't watch any more. Good luck, everyone.
3/7/13 11:57:08PM
That was an awful decision like wow
3/8/13 12:00:49AM
I feel bad for the guy but the sounds he's making are hilarious.
3/8/13 12:01:25AM
He's not going to continue.
3/8/13 12:01:59AM
lol Big John seems very convinced that they are going to continue this fight
3/8/13 12:03:45AM
Good on him
3/8/13 12:08:47AM
bullshit decisions in mma are bad enough, but when they keep costing me fake money over & over again, it's gone too fucking far!
3/8/13 12:15:59AM
Late punch after the first and trying to sneak in a hook during the glove tap.
3/8/13 12:18:20AM
Well, that's 1-3 for me tonight, plus half my bankroll gone...

3/8/13 12:19:45AM
judges cost me another leaderboard spot & most of my $. so ill
3/8/13 1:23:23PM
Aliev outlanded Marshall 77-26 in strikes and had 8-0 in takedowns and still lost
3/8/13 3:08:21PM

3/8/13 4:02:16PM
That was a bad decision but Sultan really wasn't doing anything, neither was Rhino though aside from that head kick and last second GnP
3/8/13 7:40:36PM
1-3 5pts and -$425. Rough night on my Bellator fights.
3/9/13 4:18:17PM
Ryan Scope and Luke Newman had a solid fight. Newman rocked Scope and dropped him then proceeded to land a ton of ground and pound. Seconds later Scope threw up the triangle and it was all over.

Luckily Scope earned back most of the wagers I lost on my busted Bezerra/Cooper/Wallhead parlay.
3/9/13 4:38:59PM
4-1 33 points Damn that Sandro screwing with my perfection

Need Veach to complete my parlay (Richman and Cooper came through)
3/9/13 4:52:18PM
Warburton wins a UD in a tough back and forth fight.

Nunes continues his win streak with a 3rd round tko comeback win. I was hoping to go positive in the wagers with a Lazarz win but I need the points from a Nunes win.

Carvalho gets back on track with a 2nd round tko win over the previously undefeated Dinsdale at Cage Warriors. 3 more fights left between both UK events.

Graham Turner dominates an overmatched Mesdari and picks up the 1st round tko win.

Jim Wallhead dominates Veach, making it look easy. 1st round sub for Judo Jimmy Wallhead.
3/9/13 5:45:48PM
Good fights this morning from both events
Nice win from Judo Jim!!
Still one more to go in Cage Warriors!
3/9/13 6:20:13PM
Pendred wins a UD
3/9/13 6:28:47PM
The Predator fc results will be difficult to find I'm thinking. If anyone sees anything on twitter or anywhere else please post it in here. The event has already started, I'm assuming the main event will be in a few hours.
3/9/13 10:58:36PM
I still can't find anything. I'm going to bed so hopefully someone else or I will find them by tomorrow.
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