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6/24/10 8:28:32AM
I am not sure if this is too late to change, but Bellator's website and the official weigh-ins have Mike Fleniken fighting Stoney Hale, not Luke Zachrich.

Just an FYI

Nick Mamalis v Albert Rios could be a replacement...or not.
6/24/10 9:00:49AM
It's likely too late for a change. Usually there has to be at least 24-48 hours' notice before the event, so it probably will wind up just being dropped altogether.
6/24/10 10:41:18AM

8 fights per card in the secondary league seem to be the new norm anyway.
6/24/10 10:22:41PM
yeah there has to be 24 hours so its just deleted.8 fights is fine ,and I could live with 7 if it ended up that way, but anything less and its just scrapped.
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