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5/14/10 12:03:22AM
Charlie Rader defeats Christian Fulgium via KO (Punches) at R1 (3:27)
Joe Warren defeats Georgi Karakhanyan via Decision (Unanimous)
Patricio Freire defeats Wilson Reis via Decision (Unanimous)
Hector Lombard defeats Jay Silva via KO (Punches) at R1 (0:06)
Brock Kerry defeats Mike Braswell via TKO (Punches) at R1 (3:20)
Lamont Stafford defeats Jules Bruchez via KO (Punches) at R2 (0:19)
Bill Albrecht defeats Jason Anderson via Submission (Armbar) at R1 (0:36)
Shawn Jordan defeats Doug Williams via TKO (Punches) at R1 (0:19)

Merely posting this because Hector Lombard is an animal.
5/14/10 12:09:25AM
Did anyone look at jimmy's inner circle? hehe

I can't get over how short hector is for MW

Look at those quick wins, 6, 36, and 19 seconds.
5/14/10 12:09:41AM
i can't find the fights on tv here (i'm on vaca in Miami)

Anyone have a link to the 6 second fight.
5/14/10 12:28:19AM

Posted by Caesarrrr

i can't find the fights on tv here (i'm on vaca in Miami)

Anyone have a link to the 6 second fight.

Here's a gif. It's basically the entire fight anyway:

5/14/10 12:52:59AM

Who was it that posted "Jay Silva is a gamer, this should be a good fight?" How do them words, taste, Koscheck?

On a side note, aside from the decisions, this was a REALLY short night.
5/14/10 12:59:47AM
I have a link of a live replay if anyone wants it. It's presently on the Pitbull fight.

Just PM me.
5/14/10 1:21:06AM
The Freire vs. Reis fight was completely awesome. Good win for Freire. I was impressed with his striking, counter striking, take-down defense and transitions. He's a beast.
5/14/10 1:39:14AM
It's a shame that the whole UFC thing didn't pan out for Lombard...would love to see him in the mix.
5/14/10 1:44:15AM
Why didn't it pan out?
5/14/10 2:22:05AM

Posted by BlueSkiesBurn

Why didn't it pan out?

I think he was supposed to be on a card in Jersey a couple years back against Karo, but visa issues stopped it. Now he is under contract to Bellator but you better believe Dana and Joe Silva probably have their eye on him.
5/14/10 3:06:11AM
Oh, I would hope so. That kid is legit. That was a vicious right he landed to Silva
5/14/10 8:15:34AM
Very nice. War Hektor!!!
5/14/10 8:46:17AM

Posted by Caesarrrr

i can't find the fights on tv here (i'm on vaca in Miami)

Anyone have a link to the 6 second fight.

I posted it in the Videos section. You can also find it (and more videos) at
5/14/10 9:16:11AM

Fearless leader, move this to the im drunl tjeat
5/14/10 10:19:00AM
Anyone else feel like Warren won yet did nothing but score takedowns and control all while almost getting tapped 4 or 5 times?
5/14/10 11:12:58AM
I could have swore warren was about to tap on that armbar like he got his hand ready to tap and then I think the armbar got let go.
5/15/10 8:42:55PM
that says my feelings to a T... if takes downs didnt count for so much on the judges cards it would be alot closer.... i really thought he was gonna go to sleep with that arm-in guillotine.... Pitbull is gonna **** him up though
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