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5/6/10 9:12:57PM
Imada beat Vanier with a nasty 2nd rd armbar after losing the 1st
Pat Curran just beat Huerta by unanimous decision. It was a really close chippy fight but I think Roger got robbed.

Neer vs Alvarez is coming on now, and Cole Konrad is scheduled for after.

Assuming no one cares about the other fights.

Edit: Alvarez wins by technical sub (RNC) in the 2nd. Neer chose to nap instead of tap.
5/6/10 9:37:54PM
Great submission by Alvarez! Neer is tough to finish and Alvarez made it look easy!

I think saying Huerta got robbed is a little much, as it really could have gone either way. I gave Huerta the nod 29-28, but honestly I was not surprised to see Curran announced as the winner. I think he won because he landed the more "definitive" strikes. Neither landed significant damage in the fight, but I think that is why the judges scored it the way they did..I saw Huerta pressing the action and landing just as much, but it did seem like Curran landed more "damaging" strikes.
5/6/10 10:03:28PM
Well one things for sure, it was close.

Konrad just won an extremely boring UD. First time ive seen Cole, and gotta say he's got a long way to go. Without fighter bashing, he looked extremely overweight and slow.
5/7/10 12:39:28AM
I think that Curran stole the third as well due to the more damaging strikes.....sure Roger was coming forward, but into a bunch of effective of punches and knees, he did little in return IMO.
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