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POLL: Was the Punishment Fair
Yes 27% (3)
No 36% (4)
who cares here we go Steelers 27% (3)
Belicheck is god 9% (1)
9/19/07 1:40:11PM
Im kinda torn here cause i think Belicheck should've gotten alittle more like one guy on espn said 500,000 is hoodie money.The Draft picks can certainly hurt but if the guys got a whole library full of all the coordinators in the leagues signals then thats kinda wrong.Everyone looks for an edge to win but taping other teams is kinda low.I know that even if you know whats coming you still have to execute and the pats do have mad talent all over the field and with all that talent why would you even have to try and cheat i could probably take them to a super bowl...Anyways lookin forward to Decemeber 9th so the Steelers can go to Gillette and knock that chip of the Pats shoulder...I used to like Brady till i seen the dvd where after beating the steelers he says "thats a great football team but i hate playing here" in reference to Pittsburgh...I just though what a douche go make more illegitimate children.
9/19/07 5:33:08PM

/ being looked at like I'm crazy for waving terrible towel in office /


they're still staring at me

I dont think the whole cheating thing matters all that much... Just like a ton of players have said, countless teams do it, and they just happened to be caught... It shouldn't tarnish their reputation too much... They have a great front office that has put together great teams with half of the personal of others... I do have to say, that Belicheck's a sharp dresser though

About the Brady comment, I'd take it as more of a compliment to steelers fans and the Heinz Field atmosphere... He hates playing there, like people hate playing at Lambo and down in KC... IMO, it's one of those backhanded compliments if that makes any sense...
9/19/07 6:52:05PM
He should have gotten at lest a 4 game suspention
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