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1/28/07 4:21:51AM
Apparently the new thing is dropping to your kness and begging for a title shot. It worked for GSP and now it worked for Hermes Franca. I fight at 170 so If I get down and beg for a shot I think I have what it takes to tear GSP apart. Or at least tear a picture of GSP apart. As long as it's out of a magazine and not printed on card stock or anything.
7/1/07 7:19:31PM
yea that always seems to work.
7/1/07 9:27:21PM
I like Thiago Tavares way of asking "who is next?"
7/2/07 1:29:53PM
as long as your deserving of a title shot then gettin on your knees and asking for one is cool IMO.
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