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9/11/07 10:48:37AM

If you havent heard this radio show yet,you better take a look.

great frekkin interview with Nick Diaz
9/11/07 11:47:54AM
its not workin for me
9/11/07 1:54:16PM
I didn't think it was possible, but Nick is more burnt that that thought.
9/12/07 8:58:15PM
Everybody should listen to this show. This show has some unforgettable quotes.

"The doctors are prescribing methamphetamine to your kids. It goes right in them little f-ers."

"I do this shit for..ehm...mankind, my family..."

"Georges St.Pierre is not that good at anything."

"What year is it?!"

"Name me one musical artist (who didn't/doesn't do drugs or drink alcohol) who's any good? *pauses for 1 second*..You can't! I got you right there! You should've been able to think of one in those 5 seconds."

"**** no! There is not one person that was any good or successful unless they were ******* choking to death on their own vomit."

etc. etc. The man is a walking quote.

9/12/07 11:32:50PM
I agree with a lot of it. I'm not into the chronic, but what he says about natural foods, the medications they put school kids on and being anti the Vegas lifestyle hits a lot of notes with me.

Couldn't stop laughing when he was explaining why those fuckers (kids) are bouncing off the walls. He needs his own day time talk show. I'd watch that over Dr. Phil.
9/13/07 7:47:04AM
I can't really consider the guy a walking quote, since so much of the stuff he comes out with is retarded. Not just uneducated, he just seems to have maturity of an 8 year old!
9/14/07 9:30:11AM
I would love to just chill and hang out with him and his brother one day i bet they are cool as hell maybe smoke a little weed.
9/20/07 4:27:45AM
Big Diaz fan, but i think some of his quote are taken directly from Bill Hicks... Not the worst man to steal quotes from
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