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9/4/09 7:01:41PM
Hey guys this is a little project i've been working on.
I saw a video on how to do this and I thought I would give it a try.
For my first attempt it didn't turn out too bad.
Basicly you take a cheap knockoff Hockey mask and transform it into a legit copy of the real thing.

Here's some step by step pictures of the transformation.

1. Buy a cheap hockey mask. I bought a whole bunch for 2 dollars apiece at my local family dollar.

Basicly the first step is to shape the mask more like what we see in the movie.
You do this by running a close hanger through the mask. Then rub it with sandpaper.

I actually held the closeline in for a whole night.
Then in the morning you place the mask in its posistion (with the hanger) in your oven for 5-6 minutes. Be CAREFUL though!
I melted more mask then I would like to admit doing this. (though my crazy sister in law had come by too and was just blah,blah,blah )

After that, you basicly spary paint your mask black. Let dry.Go over it with white.
After this its time to add your red marks.

This was a reallly bad free hand,but I was just thankful I had gotten that far.

Add finish gloss to the mask and add any additional embellishments you want.
Here's my finished mask.

I added some brown around the mask to give it a gritty look.
I also highlighted the holes with black.

I don't have a drill gun,so sadly I can't add the additional holes the real mask has yet. Though in just a few hours you can really pimp out a $2 mask.
I've seen some people make so really kick ass mask doing this.
Just thought I would through this out their if anyone wants a cool Halloween project to undertake.

Here's a youtube video that describes it in full detail.
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