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10/9/09 6:42:32AM
So says the man himself. In a recent Fighters Only interview, Anderson Silva said he's surely going to get submitted and beaten at some point, and he knows there is someone out there better than he is...we just don't know where. For the record, Silva hasn't been submitted since 2004, which was also his last decisive loss excluding a DQ in 2006.

10/9/09 6:54:59AM
Damn anderson u dont have to flatter me like that
10/9/09 8:53:37AM
i agree
but i can say the same for fedor and gsp
you will eventually get beat
10/9/09 9:06:22AM
I dont know.... He only has a few more fights in him, Unless he fights till his 50, He could never lose again.
10/9/09 4:16:33PM
hmmm i wonder about the belfort now. is he making pre fight excuses? but i like how he still kinda sounds cocky like no one would ever knock him out haha
10/9/09 9:37:16PM
Seriously?!! I don't think Belfort has a prayer!
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