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5/19/08 7:39:59AM
If the UFC's ancillary video producers are on their game, they'll have a camera fixed on company president Dana White during the Lyoto Machida/Tito Ortiz bout Saturday -- preferably one in high definition, all the better to capture every dripping bead of sweat on White's reflectively smooth head.

After a years-long war of words that would make Vince McMahon glow with pride, White and Ortiz are finally set to go their separate ways, with White to continue chairing the biggest, most self-aggrandizing MMA organization in the world and Ortiz to ply his trade for one of the UFC's many upstart competitors.

The emotional volume of Ortiz's exit will go up considerably should he beat Machida, a 12-0 fighter being groomed as a future contender for the light heavyweight title. Ortiz will certainly see a victory as one final shot at White and his flagrantly insulting disposition, and a Machida win would act as a springboard for White to continue burying Ortiz in the media.

But unless Machida devastates Ortiz -- unlikely, considering his preference for a tactical chess game over a firefight -- there's little opportunity for White to whitewash what is arguably the most substantial exodus of talent from his company since its inception.

5/19/08 7:44:55AM
I see Machida winning this fight. I wish Tito and Dana could put there fight aside for the best of each other. If Tito would stay it would help both of them. Dana would keep one of his biggest draws and Tito would get to fight top level fighters.
5/19/08 7:52:57AM

there's little opportunity for White to whitewash what is arguably the most substantial exodus of talent from his company since its inception.

So I guess Randy Couture wasn't more talented than the "Huntington Beach Bad Boy"

Tito will use his star power to build another organization's LHW prowess and drawing power, but it won't be a significant impact on the UFC.

5/19/08 9:24:19AM

Agreed. Tito is not their biggest talent loss at all. I think they are just carrying dead weight with him. Machida will make a mess of Tito. Watch Titos interviews, he is finishing out his contract, will probably say something after the fight that is obnoxious and then be gone.
5/19/08 9:56:46AM
Tito is a punk... he is a decent fighter, with an easily exploitable flaw to a decent striker... I say good riddence and I hope he gets a joint broken... He really is the only fighter I completely dislike,,
5/19/08 10:57:50AM
Dislike him or not I hate to see him go. He's not going to fight anybody for the rest of his career. Kimbo? I mean come on. I wish he would stay and keep the UFC light heavyweight ranks deep with top ten talent. Keep in mind he has only recently lost to Chuck and Randy. Not bad.
5/19/08 11:31:50AM
i wonder if he'll be in the UFC game.
5/19/08 12:01:25PM
i would rather keep andre and lose tito
tito has done alot for the ufc and the ufc has done alot of tito
they both need to put aside their differences, act like professionals, shake hands at the end of the fight and thank each other for helping this mma sport grow,
money isn't everything but i could see why he would want a change i still believe he will be back one day in the ufc but it might be a couple years, tito needs to re discover himslef and the love for the sport, dedicate himslef 100% to it, and he will be a champion and a top 2 or 3 lightheavy fighter again
5/19/08 12:09:58PM
By the sounds of it Rossen has taken over Gross' job of UFC hater on Sherdog.

Hey, where is fedorhot or what ever his name is spewing his "pay them more" crap.
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