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3/21/09 8:14:16AM
Decided to wait until the morning after to post this, but it's finally over...perhaps the greatest series of our time. A hell of a last 2 hours it was last night! It answered pretty much all of my questions and it had everything I hoped for...well, only one thing left me disappointed-Roslin didn't live long enough to settle down with Adama. She died in one of the final scenes with Adama by her side. Although I don't care much for this type of thing I really did want them to have their "Happily Ever After" ending, to me they became one of the best parts of the show over the final 2 seasons. And while some people might not have liked the final scene I thought it was kinda clever, and a fitting end to the series. I was glad I was able to come along for the ride, it was so worth it...SO SAY WE ALL!

Now I only have to wait a month until "Caprica" begins. The movie, which serves as the first 2 hours of the prequel, comes out on April 21 and I've already pre-ordered it. Then "The Plan", a companion movie showing the original series form the "other point of view", comes out this Fall.
3/21/09 12:37:56PM
Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica
3/21/09 4:51:33PM
im sorry but NOTHING is better then LOST
3/21/09 8:08:01PM
Bummed its over
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