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POLL: Whos the better ortiz
Tito Oriz 40% (20)
David Ortiz {boston red sox} 42% (21)
Neither 18% (9)
6/14/07 9:00:39PM
Who do u think is the better Ortiz.

im goin with tito all the way.
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6/14/07 9:48:55PM
I think David Ortiz needs to take a bat to Tito's face, then slip on a sheet of ice in his driveway, break both his legs, and never play baseball again because baseball players(as well as basketball and football players)are ridiculously overpaid.
6/14/07 10:33:16PM
Tito Ortiz. Love to see "Big Popie" hit a HR after a round with tito
6/14/07 10:56:21PM
David Ortiz all the way,, hes accuallly a top guy in his sport.
6/15/07 4:58:31AM
Definitely Big Papi. David is the best clutch guy in the game IMO right now
6/15/07 10:28:43AM
I've gotta say Big Poppi...I hate Tito with a passion
6/15/07 10:53:26AM
Gotta go with David... The man was brought up through the best farm system in major league baseball... that's right folks... The MN Twins
6/18/07 2:00:47AM

Posted by the-james

David Ortiz all the way,, hes accuallly a top guy in his sport.

R U KIDDING ME! Tito is definatly one the top guys in UFC..!!
6/21/07 12:39:09AM
Its people like that ........... well what can i say. Its hard to insult someone who was so much more money that you do. ESP to their face. Here is how i think a arguement with Tito would go.
Insulter-"Hey Tito your ugly"
Tito- "My girlfriends Tits cost more than your car"
Insulter .............. "Well Tito your ugly"
Tito- "and my Money can buy me Happiness"
Insulter- "well.............. Chuck beat you"
Tito- "so Chuck beats everyone, and i made more money from that fight than you will make in 5 years"
Insulter- "I hate you"
Tito- " Well I have thousands of fans...... you have not has much"
Insulter - " Kens gonna whoop your ass in match 4"
Tito - "No, and i will make even more money off that then you will earn in 5 years, or and My Girlfriend is hotter and richer than yours"
Insulter-................ Turns and Runs

6/21/07 7:41:02AM

Posted by madmarck

Tito- " Well I have thousands of fans...... you have not has much"

There's a thought!

I'm going to go with neither, I've never heard of the baseball guy, but Tito is, well, Tito...and so my choice of vote become woefully apparent!
6/21/07 12:00:03PM
Im from Boston so ya gotta go with the most clutch hitter of our time big papi. plus hes hilarious
6/23/07 4:00:52PM
I'm a huge BoSox fan so I'll go with Big Papi. They could have the fight in Boston so we can see Tito cry like a baby when he gets booed.
6/24/07 12:44:22PM
David's importance to MLB > Tito's importance to MMA.
6/25/07 12:51:44PM
if u r going to write something spell ******* big papi right u retarded piece of shit
6/25/07 12:56:29PM
Whoa whats up with all this hatage. Chill down, smoke some bud, I dont know.
6/26/07 4:33:19PM
stop the voilence
6/26/07 6:22:52PM
Tito was a big part of mainstreaming MMA even when people had never even heard of Chuck Liddell or Rampage JAckson they knew how Tito Ortiz one knew BIg Papi(thats the right spelling) b4 they know pedro or manny or nomar
6/26/07 6:30:15PM
I don't know who the **** David Ortiz is, so Tito FTW
6/26/07 8:10:19PM
I was never a big Tito Ortiz fan anyway. I thought he was ok, then after awhile I started noticing Chuck Liddell fighting all the tough competition and Tito fighting lesser opponents.
6/28/07 4:41:07PM
tito hes the man and i chose him over chuck when they fought hes the man.
6/28/07 5:32:07PM
Every time I see Tito the first thing I think of is his crying after Randy beat his ass.
7/1/07 1:39:04PM
David Ortiz is better cas liddell knockout Tito Ortiz 2 times
7/1/07 5:39:16PM

Posted by dwil2131

if u r going to write something spell ******* big papi right u retarded piece of shit

Looks like a first poster fresh off the sherdog forums. If you don't take it easy you'll probably be banned before you hit 10 posts.
7/3/07 1:23:45AM
MLB is gay and boring. joe rogan said it himself. and i agree. they get way overpaid to play a boring game. where action barely happens. im gona have to go with tito. because he can beat up the gay douchebag baseball player. and did i mention baseball is gay?
7/16/07 10:40:57PM
7/16/07 10:58:41PM
okay if you think little papi from the gay redsox when your on a mma site just get off!!
7/16/07 11:33:56PM
Anger is the gateway to trouble lets all get in a group and sing sum Kumbaya

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