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7/11/09 1:04:47PM
7/11/09 1:32:12PM
i cant believe it but i actually like something french! that was pretty artsy like a lot of foreign films, but i thought it was very cool.
7/11/09 2:17:10PM
That was cool. The film was totally a throw back to the days of Noir. Although now because of computer animation and better camera technology and film manipulation a little bit of the art in Noir is lost. On the upside however it does allow the film maker to do some INSANE stuff. That being said, I really liked this. Noir was always a favorite of mine and this was excellently done in my opinion. I honestly wish it was longer or a fifteen minute weekly episodic deal, so more time could be taken with one story and the bit at the end, (not trying to spoil) could have been dragged out a bit more in another fifteen minute episode. It was gritty and visceral and props for bring it up.
7/12/09 10:16:11AM

Posted by cowcatcher

that was pretty artsy like a lot of foreign films[...]

It was actually very American. The visual style was deliberately modeled on "Sin City" which, as fizzle points out, was Frank Miller's homage to film noir, an American style of film.
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