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1/9/13 3:14:37PM

So no Clemens, no Barry, no Sosa, etc. Not to mention guys like Biggio and Piazza that weren't alleged PED users didn't get in. Would you guys vote for Clemens or Bonds if you had a vote? Is it crazy to anyone else that Biggio or Piazza didn't get in? I guess the guys that voted for the accused cheaters took votes away from the clean guys, but I can't believe with this list players that no one got in. Jack Morris is basically screwed now and will have to wait for the writers to vote him in. He only has one year of eligibility left and the list gets more crowded next year. I'm pretty shocked by this and the next few years should be interesting, I think a lot of guys are going to get left out because of the crowding on the list.
1/9/13 3:31:20PM
i honestly dont respect this HOF much.

& you're right about Morris. He def wont get in next year, since Glavine & Maddux are damn near locks to get in.

Also, i really think it's a travesty Pete Rose isn't in yet. For all his bad traits, he deserves it more than anyone. He cheated as a coach. Fine. Dont let him in as a coach.
1/9/13 3:47:11PM
Plus next year Jeff Kent and Frank Thomas are on the ballot, so it gets murky for non-pitchers as well. If Maddux and Glavine don't get in one the first ballot I'll probably poop my pants. Since they're basically locks, I wonder if there's room for anyone else.

And you're right about Pete Rose. As of now the all time hits leader, the all time HR leader, and the guy with the most Cy Young's are all on the outside looking in.
1/9/13 3:48:19PM
Its total CRAP. The Owners rewarded these guys and others for the stats they were putting up turning a blind eye to the PED use. They handed out hundreds of millions of dollars for the players efforts. Pitchers were on it hitters were on it so i don't want to hear about level playing fields. PED's brought so many of us back to the game. Some say they saved the game. Keeping these guys from entering the hall for working in a time that owners rewarded PED use is outragouse to me.
1/9/13 7:38:37PM
I was hoping Biggio and Edgar got in. Fuck the likes of Bonds, Clements and Sosa
1/9/13 8:00:31PM
I'm 50/50 If they get in they get in if not then it's on them, Only thing that bothers me about it is, The other players of that era that didn't juice. Because they may get the guilty by association tag for such a black eye era but exciting or just the fact that they didn't use PED's to get an upper hand on the opposing guys and these guys did.So now if Bonds and co got in, A lot of .240 batters from that time are probably kicking themselves in the ass for not juicing....Bothers me about Clemens the most... as i believe he was fame guy before the suspected juicing.Same with Bonds too..Although if he would've listened to Van Slyke in the 91-92 NLCS game 6 and moved where Van Slyke told him to instead of telling Van Slyke to fuck off and not make one of the worst throws to home ever from LF on Sid effing Bream rounding 3rd......The the Pirates may only be on a 19 year losing skid.
1/9/13 9:55:32PM
Biggio got fucked over cause of the hof making a point not to have roid users in. The dude is clean as a whistle
1/10/13 2:56:52AM
Sucks the player's I grew up watching won't be 1st ballet because of Roid Stigma.
1/10/13 4:36:23AM

Posted by prozacnation1978

Biggio got fucked over cause of the hof making a point not to have roid users in. The dude is clean as a whistle

That's not it. The hall has attached a certain amount of meaning to being a first ballot hall of famer, and they will make guys wait who aren't borderline gods on the field. Roberto Alomar is a great example of a guy who was forced to wait a year, despite being a goddamn shoe-in for the hall of fame.
1/10/13 9:12:49AM
I really think the whole "won't vote on a first time candidate" shtick is pretty trite, it's like some kind of idiotic fraternity bidding system. What makes someone deserve it more next year if they don't deserve it this year? Will they come out of retirement hit a hw/ pitch 1 k and all of a sudden they're a better candidate? I seem to remember Michael Wilbon saying he was an anti 1st nomination voter...another easy reason to hate that dipsh...
Maddux and Pizza are basically no brainers.
1/10/13 9:47:28AM
I really don't know what kind of Hall of Fame they are trying to make here. It's supposed to be the Baseball Hall of Fame, the best players are supposed to be in a HOF. Bonds, Clemens, Rose should all be in 100%. McGwire, Sosa, Palmeiro, Piazza, and Biggio should all probably be in as well, along with some others i'm probably leaving out. Anyways, the era happened, whether you agree/disagree with what went on, the commissioner, owners, players, and fans all let it happen and to be honest, I enjoyed the shit out of watching all these guys play (except for Rose, I'm not that old ). I think these old-timers that vote are just ruining what the HOF should be, maybe they have plaques describing the controversy of the era that these guys played in, but they should be in. They are the best players of era. Just my two cents!

Go Buccos! Try to finish above .500. Haven't seen a winning season since I was 10.
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