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9/3/08 11:27:11PM
McCain and Obama are horrible choices in my opinion. I was on the Fred Thompson Band wagon from the begging and thought he was cleary the best choice for the Republican Party so more then likely I will write him in or something.

I agreed with him on everything from my personal opinions so it is possible to find....just not able to have your cake and eat it too.
9/4/08 7:52:30AM
I agree with bits and pieces of everyone’s arguments. Politics is too political and still I can't help but to listen to talk radio every day... Only because I like to get many sides of stories and am undecided with whom I'll vote for. I think conservatives don't realize how strong of a candidate Rudy truly was cuz I was all for that guy. After he dropped out I figured I'd vote for Obama... then found out more about his politics. Now I'll probably close my eyes and pick cuz there is no difference between what these two guys will do to our country in office. And that is absolutely nothing to help out the people cuz that is what politics is all about. All talk and no walk.
They should stick both guys in the ring and see who will defeat who in a match for the presidency. I got Obama on submission cuz He’ll train w/Bj in Hawaii.
9/4/08 9:53:26AM
I try to put my faith in God at the forefront of all decisions I make. Especially one as big as this. Aside from that, strong national security, anti-socialism, and budget management.
9/4/08 11:56:09AM

Posted by Kracker_Jap

SouthPark??? Really ????

hey dont talk smack about south park
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