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11/9/08 12:54:13AM
Bas Rutten ‘Living Mixed Martial Arts Part II’

The former King of Pancrase took some time recently to talk with PDG about the many projects he has going on, the Fall of EliteXC & Kimbo Slice what he thinks of some of the biggest fights of the year coming up in the UFC.

PDG: The last time you were in Japan was for DREAM 6; what did you think about the Alistair Overeem vs Mirko ‘Cro-Cop’ fight?
Bas: It was a great fight and it was a shame that it ended like it did because Overeem was winning the fight. I was a little surprised by his dominance but then I talked to his trainer from Golden Glory; which is a Thai boxing gym in Holland that I used to train at. His striking has definitely gotten better since he started training there and Mirko has not looked very good his last few fights. Don't get me wrong, I am a huge Mirko fan and I wish he could get back on track.

Living MMA Part II - Interview

11/9/08 6:02:36AM
.... Who "didn't" Bas train with? LOL
11/9/08 11:59:28PM
He had to throw a drinking and drugs comment in there. That video is pretty funny I won't lie he does a good Al Pacino impression.
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