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1/14/13 8:44:23PM
Former UFC heavyweight champion and King of Pancrase Bas Rutten on Monday was awake in the hospital and recovering from neck surgery.

1/14/13 9:07:59PM
I seen this earlier on facebook. I Hope Bas has a speedy recovery
1/14/13 9:56:29PM
I don't think there is an mma fan alive who doesn't like Bas!

All the best Bas
1/14/13 11:43:44PM
Bas is way too manly to let a simple neck surgery hold him back...shit if Tito can do it Bas will knock it out of the park!!
1/15/13 5:47:15PM
Rutten is awesome. I wish him the best and for a speedy recovery. I think one of the biggest letdowns in mma is that Rutten and Wandy never fought in Pride. They talked about it a few times but they were both at very different stages of their careers.
1/16/13 12:21:11AM
good luck to him