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10/23/12 9:58:52PM
Since he's coming back to the announce table, I thought a support thread should be made!

I mean the man got to booty slap Felice Herring.....

God's Speed and Party On!

I can't be the only one super stoked to hear Bas and his crazy commentary!
10/23/12 10:12:37PM

10/23/12 10:14:04PM
10/23/12 10:46:04PM

Bas Rutten FTFW!!!
10/24/12 12:21:49AM
Bas is a model of success after fighting, I hope others can learn from guys like him, Militich, Almeida, etc....coaching/training comes naturally as a lot of guys are earning enough to own their own gyms. I am interested to see what Tito Ortiz does.
10/24/12 12:34:47AM
Apples & Oranges people - - -

Frank Shamrock >>> Sebastiaan Rutten
10/24/12 1:49:14AM
im not as excited as i would have been a few years ago. bas is not a great commentator but he will get the job done. i lost respect for bas after he turned on overeem after he left golden glory. one day Bas was saying overeem is P4P the best HW fighter in the world and the next day he's tearing him down publicly saying overeem has no chin and cant hang with dos santos. this happened on inside MMA. it just seemed unprofessional and childish and i cant say i respect Bas as much as i did before. i would have taken miletich over bas
10/24/12 5:10:10AM
At least Bas is funny and natural. I get a smile on my dial every time I watch him ad libbing shit
10/24/12 6:58:21AM

Posted by Chael_Sonnen

Apples & Oranges people - - -

Frank Shamrock >>> Sebastiaan Rutten

Are you saying they're both fruity???

Bas is the man, I can't wait to hear him on the mic again
10/24/12 8:15:41AM
Love Bas. He's a great commentator.
10/30/12 6:04:27PM
I don't give a shit what it has to do with, i support Bas in anything he does.....including a self defense video

10/31/12 10:52:26PM
I'm excited, Bas is my favorite commentator by far! Bas is funny without trying, sometimes he says some corny stuff but for the most part he cracks me up.

Bas Rutten
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