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2/2/11 10:18:56PM
MMA Legend Bas ''El Guapo'' Rutten talks about UFC 126, and gives his predictions for the main card fights between Belfort vs Silva, Jones vs Bader and Franklin vs Griffin. Bas also talks about KId Yamamoto's UFC debut. El Guapo then goes on to talk about Brock Lesnar, and says the former Heavyweight Champion should go to Holland and spar at Team Golden Glory, to get over his fear of getting hit. link

He has some interesting things to say about Brock Lesnar. If nothing else, fast forward to the end of the video, classic Bas
2/3/11 7:24:32AM
Just another reason why Bas is my favirote of all time. I think he's right too.
Brock can take a punch but something in his training is amiss,and I saw that very episode of Inside MMA with Barry and the very short discussion on Brocks striking defense during training. I hope Brock comes back and does very well for himself but with all the WWE speculation it does make you wonder.
2/3/11 7:20:32PM
Gotta love Bas. I also think he is right about Brock, needing to switch up his training. Getting in a rut is a bad thing in MMA, as the sport seems to endlessly evolve.
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