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6/19/07 10:24:44AM
What do you guys think about bas's come back fight i enjoyed seeing bas back in the cage or frankly anywhere. i would have like to see how he would have done against kimo but o'well. how about u guys???
6/19/07 11:54:34AM
i could care less to see him fight top talent or even up comming talent

i do think a fight with him and kimo, shamrock, maurice smith, marco ruas, don frye, or any other "old timer" would be great to see

maybe even randy, but i dont think many people would give him a chance against randy
6/19/07 1:46:41PM
Id give Bas a chance against anyone!
6/19/07 6:45:52PM

Posted by rcg916

Id give Bas a chance against anyone!


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