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11/24/08 7:16:12AM
I laugh every time I see this episode of inside mma

watch around the 13:00 minute mark. lol

11/24/08 7:33:17PM
I don't even need to watch. I already know what your refering to. Bas is the greatest personality in MMA. Period. Sure his play-by-play is god aweful, and more times than not Inside MMA is a train wreck. But I can't help but watch.

That clip reminds me of that scene in Tommy Boy. "OMG were buring alive...Nooo, I can't feel my legs...In comes the meat wagon weeooo weeoo. And the medic gets out and says, "Oh my god!" New Guys in the corner pukin his guts out...."

You get the picture.
11/24/08 7:37:38PM
I think Bas is great at PBP commentary..Him and Rogan would be the dream team of PBP my opinion
11/24/08 9:10:54PM
NO...I think Bas is a pretty good color guy. PBP is not his schtick at all. You get like 25 "Oh nice there!" every card. I really think i'd enjoy the HDNET broadcasts much better if they dumped Kenny (looks like death and doesn't know shit) and Ron (he's a complete tool). I think if they had someone who could actually add something to Bas's personality they'd have a winning formula.

The way it stands right how I practically have to mute the broadcasts.
11/25/08 4:40:22AM
Bas - but tito is easy with the hair but hes gonna take him down BOOM put him on his back then hes gonna slap his butt, ah ah ah, tito dosnt like that and hes going to see if he can take that finger up there and then he says here WHY DONT YOU SMELL THAT YOU!!!
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