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5/3/07 2:14:29PM
Funny stuff, his take on bar fights
5/3/07 2:16:07PM
haha! bas is great!

Posted by jdubs

Funny stuff, his take on bar fights

5/3/07 3:16:09PM
I can't watch it at work, but is that the "Everyone underestimates the kick to the groin..." vid? That's absolutely classic...
5/3/07 3:23:43PM
id say that the video, along with headbuts elbows, and a crazy personality
5/3/07 4:14:49PM
Yeah i seen this long ago...never gets it on my myspace page hahaha
5/4/07 6:53:40AM
Bas was a class act and real funny in Pride some of his interviews and the random chat he used to come out with durring slow matches, make the old Pride instatly rewatchable. I hope his personality comes through now that he is in the IFL.
5/4/07 2:08:37PM
then you can play hide the spice bottle

that was funny
5/10/07 4:22:35PM
dangita-dangita-dang. classic bas video. still funny.

edit: I believe his name is Sebastian. Nobody messes with.....El Guapo
5/12/07 8:28:51AM
Crazy Dutch 'BAS'tard!
1/4/08 7:00:04AM
bang his head on the table like ten times and then say "dont you ever do this again"

makes me literally lol every time.

bottom line dont get into a street fight with bas because he will kick you in the nuts, hit you with a chair, slit your throat, poke you in the eye, and smash you skull on the table.
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