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9/14/09 10:38:13AM
Overeem's management Golden Glory considers breaking with Strikeforce now that m-1 has entered into a co-promotion with the event. As this happened after Overeem signed a new contract with strikeforce in may, the management sees good reason to break open the contract with strikeforce. In the words of Golden Glory manager Bas Boon:

"It hasn't escaped my notice that we are dealing with a bunch of crooks who wish to brand their name onto someone who has managed to build up a successful organization on his own with a good network deal"

"Our deal with strikeforce was made before this bunch of robbers came along, but now we were planning on asking our money in advance. In fact, I see this as the ideal opportunity to say no to the contract that was signed earlier, we don't want to fight on any M-mini Cons & co promotions."

9/14/09 5:17:46PM
I would totally understand this move, Overeem performs best in Japan anyways. I don't know if he has ever defended the belt he has there either, plus he can avoid fighting Fedor without looking like a total wuss.
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