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POLL: Are you a Boxing fan?
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Boxing sucks! 22% (2)
3/18/07 5:10:47AM
Damn...what a kickass fight man!!!

out of my whole family and friends who saw the fight tonight(maybe 30 of us)...I was the only 1 who was going for Marquez,but then again im prolly the only hardcore boxing fan of the whole group....i have said it before,Boxing is the only sport i still love more than MMA, and WOW,tonight didnt disappoint!

how many Boxing fans in here?

the fight was very even and competative,and there was a little controversy,but i still think Marquez pulled off the win.....right after the fight before they went to the scorecards i kept telling my dad(who was going got Barrera)....."they're gonna give it to Barrera,but in my eyes Marquez won the fight by 2 points"...i thought they would favor Barrera in a close fight since he is partnered with promoter Oscar De La Hoya.......but they ended up scoring it a UD for Marquez.....and i won $100 from some of my buddies

Cant wait for Marquez/Pacquiao!!
3/18/07 10:54:36AM
Sounds like a classic ill have to check it out
3/21/07 2:22:58PM
Used to be a much bigger boxing fan, but it just lost a little of it's luster for me...

I will still watch a fight if it's on TV, or on-demand or something, but I haven't gotten a PPV in a long while (I think since B-Hop lost his belt to Taylor?)...

Which might Change for De La Hoya / Mayweather...

Good call though, I'll definitley check out the fight...

I can understand people that love MMA not enjoying boxing as much, but if you watch it for what it really is... The sweet science... I don't know how someone who's into combat sports cannot enjoy it...
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