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9/1/09 9:59:44PM
Inside Fights has learned from sources close to both camps that Phil Baroni is scheduled to make his return to the Octagon against former Ultimate Fighter winner Amir Sadollah at UFC 106.

9/1/09 10:08:21PM
Wow that's an interesting fight, looking forward to it.

9/1/09 10:50:40PM
No effing way.

Sadollah might not survive much longer than he did in his last fight with hendricks.
9/1/09 11:28:46PM
i hope not baroni will kill him,
9/1/09 11:55:22PM
I think Baroni wins easily. Phil has way more edge in experience.The hype surrounding Amir was purely speculative. The kid has no experience, and won by getting beat up and catching someone as inexperienced in a submission.
9/1/09 11:56:10PM
Seems like the UFC is thinking that Baroni would be a good matchup for Amir. I hope that Baroni takes this one. Has the potential to be a standup war.
9/1/09 11:56:47PM
WAR Phil Baroni!!

this is actually an interesting matchup...if Amir gets KO'd quick, does he get his walking papers? Or do they keep him around..hmmm..
9/2/09 12:08:45AM
I like Amir in this fight. Think he will take Baroni down and eventually sub him
9/2/09 12:32:45AM
gooooooooo amir
9/2/09 12:43:18AM
I think you are all on Crack!!! Amir takes this by submission in the 1st round. Bad matchup for Baroni.
9/2/09 1:28:39AM
Yeah so, what of it?
9/2/09 6:14:41AM
Baroni KO, he has sick power in his hands and will be a force at WW IMO.
9/2/09 6:50:53AM

Posted by Wallass

I think you are all on Crack!!! Amir takes this by submission in the 1st round. Bad matchup for Baroni.

Baroni is a tough guy to sub, he has superior boxing and wresting and a ton of experience against good competition. Submission in the first rd by a guy with a 1-1 record is imo a pretty bold statement
9/2/09 7:14:48AM
Baroni is overrated. I said he would not win in the UFC and this fight proves me right. Mark my words 1st round Sub for Amir. Baroni winning by KO is a bold statement I mean have you even seen him fight in the last 2 years? Far past his prime.
9/2/09 9:31:38AM
i dont know about baroni being overrated, hes a .500ish fighter that is known for being inconsistent, in fact i think there is a lot more unwarranted hype around amir because at least baroni has some wins against known commodities. this is a toss up though, one of those fights that everyone says "if it goes to the ground, so and so will win, if it stays standing the other guy wins."
9/2/09 9:34:08AM
Agreed. Being "overrated" and having "name value" are totally different. There's no hype surrounding Baroni. Everyone knows what they're getting when he fights.
9/2/09 10:44:05AM
unfortunately im with the majority on this one......I think Baroni will take this fight.....
9/2/09 7:04:06PM
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