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6/20/07 4:51:23PM
Baroni officially cleared by CSAC (and Ninja as well)

On a side note, if you read through the article... It says that the problems were caused by an MRI that the UFC had sent over...

I'm not sure how things work, so I don't know if it's required that the UFC send over an MRI by the commission...

But if it isn't would you consider this the UFC's attempt at 'sabatoging' a main event that easily trumps their 72 ME???
6/20/07 8:32:48PM
jeez, thats messed up. At least the fights are on though.
6/20/07 9:25:27PM
Yay... Villasenor - Ninja is a better fight than Baroni - Shamrock.

This is do or die for Villasenor in my opinion.
6/21/07 9:38:27AM
6/21/07 9:52:57AM
Ninja will crush him!
6/21/07 12:44:15PM
it urn out that it was not the ufc that sent that mri

a good link with some fighter quotes
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