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6/20/07 7:09:24AM
The Frank Shamrock VS Phil Baroni Strikeforce card has suffered a major setback with Baroni now scrambling to pass his medical requirements. Baroni had in fact previously passed all his medicals but is now having his MRI results re-evaluated after it had come to the attention of the CSAC that there was a previous problem with an old MRI report from Las Vegas, dating back when he fought Pete Sell.
Our inside sources have confirmed that it was representatives from the UFC that faxed over Baroni's MRI to Armando Garcia of the CSAC, thus prompting this latest issue. Baroni has been cleared to fight in Las Vegas, Nevada since the Pete Sell fight, with his latest appearance in the state occuring in Pride on October, 26th 2006. It is unclear why California would now bar him. We will keep our readers up to date with whether or not Phil is able to clear his latest hurdles, or if a replacement will be necessary.
6/20/07 7:11:26AM
Armando (head of CSAC) says Ninja has been cleared to fight and a final ruling will be made on Baroni Wednesday afternoon
6/20/07 1:38:37PM
alright, if baroni cant fight there are a few quick choices to fight in his place

who will it be

vitale - just trained up to fight in ninja's spot but ninja is ok now. always ready to throw down and would love to make a name for himself by whoopin shamrock. i think sham would like this matchup because vitale has not had much time to train and has a solid underground fan base

NINJA - best match up, i think ninja would have no problem taking this fight and would love to whoop on frank also, vitale would just take his spot against villasenior

villasenior - great fighter and would be a great fight, vitale would take his spot against ninja

cung le - if cung faught shamrock it would be huge, i think sham would own cung, and i think they are good friends and may have problems making this happen. not only that but they love money and would demand alot of it for this fight

fryklund - i think frank would like this match because he seems to be the least talented of the bunch, besides cung, and im sure fryk would love to bang with shamrock
6/20/07 4:50:21PM
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