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6/23/08 4:54:38PM
So Baroni announced on Sherdog that he was moving to welterweight:

Im making the move because I want to be a World Champion. I dont fight for pay day’s or fame, to be on tv or chick’s. I got into MMA because I wanted to be the best fighter in the world. This is what I feel at this point in my career I need to do. Im feel Im a better fighter than Ive shown in the ring esp as of late.

I figured he would look at retirement soon. He's just not the same fighter anymore. Do you guys think this will work for him or is he just washed up?
Cagepotato had an article a while back on why its hard for fighters to know when to quit. The article was about Sakuraba, (read it here ) but it applies with Baroni I think.

I dunno, I am quick to judge. What do you guys think about this move? Is Baroni done or will he be around for a while?
6/23/08 4:56:23PM
I bet he could be a world champ - if he moved back to fighting in the Toughman Contests again.
6/23/08 7:00:12PM
15lbs less of oxygen depriving muscle could do wonders for his cardio and hes always going to be a hard hitter so this could be a revival for his career. I like him so im pulling for him to come out of this sport with a better looking record than 10-10.
6/23/08 8:14:27PM
Baroni may have a bad record but he fights some of the best guys in the world. He's never had an easy fight he always steps up to face top notch competition which is why he rarely comes on top.
6/23/08 11:39:20PM
He usually does come out guns blazing,but he seems to be spent after the 1st round,but he's alway's had good hands,and fought tough competition.
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