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10/10/08 1:32:57PM
Josh Barnett 'The Watchman'

Josh Barnett talks about Andrei Arlovski, Fedor Emelianenko, his fighting future, more video games, movieland, the fall of Kimbo Slice and Randy Couture versus Brock Lesnar.

PDG: Since you brought up Kimbo; you have been in the sport for a long time. What are your thoughts on him losing to the first experienced fighter that was not a tailor-made opponent for him?
Barnett: I was sitting in the bar and a bunch of people started cheering. The bar had a bunch of other fighters there and everyone was cheering except for me, I was actually upset. I wanted Kimbo to win and I was cheering for him. I wasn't real sure about him fighting Ken Shamrock because I have always been a big fan of Ken. It is really hard for me to watch Ken go out there and under perform like he has as of late compared to when I first started watching him compete. Kimbo is still a relative newcomer to this sport and I don't have any problem with how he has been brought up into the spotlight so fast. I like watching him fight and I wanted to see his ongoing progression fight to fight. I was disappointed because I wanted to see Kimbo do well.


10/10/08 1:51:14PM
sweet read

(he could beat fedor)

10/10/08 2:35:44PM
Barnettes style has always been one of my favorites. I love roided up Catch Wrestling lol. But honestly I like watching it.

He has one of the few matchups to possibly beat Fedor. Arlovski doesn't have a chance unless he comes out balls blazing UFC champ Arlovski.

I'd like to see Fedor actually fight someone in the top 10 though like when he fought Randleman or Cro Cop or Minotauro. Sure Sylvia was top ten but that's 1 guy in 1 year plus.

He should clean out what he can of the division and turn from controversial legend to unquestioned HW P4P great.
10/10/08 7:00:35PM
Barnett is a class act.
I wish the UFC would scoop up him and Aleks for the december card. They would be a huge addition to the HW division. 2 more contender in a weak division is a good thing.
10/10/08 8:58:39PM
rofl I love the fact that the majority of this interview is josh talking about playing video games. hilarious. "forget fighting man, have you played halo 2? that game kicks ass!" lol.
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