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7/23/09 6:41:42AM
Although his manager said interviews on ths issue would be granted after working with the CSAC, Josh Barnett today made a posting on his Myspace blog regarding his failed drug test that has forced him off Affliction Trilogy on 8/1.

7/23/09 6:59:46AM
He is bound to say something like that. Ultimately the top level fighters know the score with what they can and can not get away with. I just hope he does not 'do a Sean Sherk' and blame it on his high intensity, testosterone filled work outs!
7/23/09 9:13:41AM
I never have liked Barnett. He is infatuated with pro wrestling. Everything he does is for attention. He was roided to the gills in the UFC. He was busted i believe the first fight he was tested which was one of the first events the UFC put on after being sanctioned. He has looked like crap as a fighter ever since he come back from wrestling to fight MMA. He looked bad in his Pride USA fights and his Affliction fights. HE has shown that his progress in striking he shown vs Rizzo in the early UFC is all but gone. His submission game isnt what it was either. His wrestling has always been average.

Its a shame he is able to build his career to the level he has without playing on the same level playing field as his peers.
7/23/09 9:22:47AM
We are all surrounded by perhaps some of the saddest time in sports. The steroids issue seems to poke it's head in every sport. It's honestly hard for me to watch any single dominate athlete anymore without questioning if he or she is on some sort of performance enhancing drug. With the designer steroids that are available to pretty much anyone who wants them it's just to hard to say. I believe it's to the point where the largest crime being committed is to get caught.
7/23/09 2:35:22PM
I know many fighters are using roids. But i dont really care about it and live like everyone is clean. I give them the benefit of the doubt. But when you are taking so much, so often, and are dumb enough to be caught. Then you deserve to be punished.

In my mind i dont have a problem with Barry Bonds. He probley used but he never got caught. I dont think he should be punished when there is rules in place to catch him. But guys who test positive should pay for it.

Rules are in place for a reason and i like to let the process do the judging for me. But once you fail you lose any respect.
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