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6/25/09 3:19:54AM
According to the article the UFC has banned Dethrone, One More Round, and Rolling Stone. The UFC has also banned online poker sponsors for UFC 100 Full Tilt Poker, Ultimate Bet, and Party Poker.

To make matters worse, companies will have to pay a $100,000 fee to the UFC to gain the ability to sponsor a fighter during a UFC promoted event.

6/25/09 3:24:33AM
Wow, $100,000 just to be able to pay a guy to wear your brand.

I'm sure there's a lot more to the story, but from the sounds of it, what sponsor will pay $100,000 to the UFC, and then $5,000 to a fighter, if his fight is untelevised.

Hopefully this won't screw over under-card guys' chances to get sponsors.
6/25/09 4:48:04AM
talk about a wrentch to the face.
6/25/09 9:20:14AM
this can't be accurate. NO BRAND will sponsor a fighter if they have to drop $100k to the UFC. It just won't happen.
6/25/09 10:49:24AM
maybe I am mistaken but isn't one more round Hughes's brand? weird that he would lash out at Hughes like that
6/25/09 11:07:25AM

Posted by McBee

maybe I am mistaken but isn't one more round Hughes's brand? weird that he would lash out at Hughes like that

I don't believe that Hughes owns One More Round, but I know he is a sponsored fighter along with Kenny Florian and Heath Herring.

The price of 100,000 is too much to me. Maybe if it were 10,000 that would be different. I understand the UFC wanting to make extra money from these sponsors but it's not like these companies are necessarily going to go start their own promotion like Affliction. I think in the end this will hurt a lot of fighters. Fighters such as Cain V., Josh Koscheck, Jon Fitch, and Mike Swick are all sponsored by Dethrone Royalty. Maybe the UFC is pushing for all their fighters to wear TapouT. I have a hard time believing that they will have to pay 100,000 for their sponsored fighters.
6/25/09 12:04:21PM
Garbage, just garbage....
6/25/09 12:19:43PM
sucks to see the ufc suck every drop of life from these fighters any type of money they can make , paying a guy 10 grand to fight and also having him not being able to get sponsered or have him make a little bit more money by sponsers is a shame
ufc really is a money hungry business, damm take the money from the fans pockets but don't take money from your fighters, ala employees who make u money empire
6/25/09 1:00:42PM
Sucks... I liked Kenny Florian's OMR clothes. Looked pretty stylish.
6/25/09 1:45:36PM
UFC = MMA Nazis
6/25/09 4:26:00PM

Posted by Mr_Dead_Sexy


Your badges are messing up with link access. I quoted it for the people that don't want to cut and paste.

From the brevity of the article it is hard to say if there is more to this, but given what I've read, this negates a lot of what Dana says about fighters and their sponsorships, endorsements, etc. when it comes to how much the fighters earn.

Honestly I can see this really hurting the low to mid tier fighters in the UFC. What's next? Commercials during PPVs?
6/26/09 1:16:10AM
Just doesn't make sense at all!

We need to find out more about this and how accurate it is.
6/28/09 1:58:28AM
doesn't one more round sponsor the cutmen?
6/28/09 2:06:10AM

Posted by Thefridge1337

doesn't one more round sponsor the cutmen?

Yea thanks for reminding us. This is weird.
6/28/09 2:18:01AM
anyone know how much the fighters get paid for the sponsors on their shorts and the shirt and cap they ware after the fight, I'm assuming it more if your on the main card and even more in the main event

any info would be appreciated
6/28/09 3:29:54AM
At some point if they keep this up they will be challenged in court and the legal merits could get sticky. If you are at the bottom of the UFC in any division there is probably more money for you with a smaller promotion with the way this is going.
6/28/09 6:23:15PM
I dont know all the details but, F@#$ this
6/30/09 12:48:13AM
I understand the reasoning behind this. I wonder what are all the specifics? The UFC is sponsoring an event that allows these companies to reach millions for years to come.

What I want to know is....

Are fighter salaries going to increase?
What about fighter's companies? Like Hendo's Clinch Gear. Can he still wear it without being charged. If not, than he basically forfeits half of salary to wear it.
Is there going to be an official brand of shorts to wear?
6/30/09 2:26:19PM
An interesting thing I found when researching my Vitor respect post, was this

Apparently in 2008, the UFC banned BOOYAA, a company that manages and sells merchandise for both entities (UFC and KOTC) at all King of the Cage events.

The UFC sited BOOYAA President Michael Romero's relationship with King of the Cage as their reasoning for the ban.

BOOYAA also assists with all aspects of the production including managing the website, sponsorship coordination, marketing, merchandise and matchmaking.

This is speculation, but there might be more to the recent bans.
7/1/09 12:58:23AM
On a similar but side note, wasn't this one of Tito Ortiz's biggest concerns. That the UFC was taking most the money and the fighters weren't making enough. I think he even talked about them banning more sponsors back then.. Maybe Tito's not so bad after all...
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