UFC Bans Brazilian Brand ‘Pretorian’ from the Octagon

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6/6/13 12:51:29PM
Unfortunate news for top Brazilian apparel company ‘Pretorian’ as the UFC announced that the brand had been banned from appearing as a sponsor during UFC events. Fighters Only broke the news.
MMA managers received the news earlier this week in a memo sent from the UFC.
There is no direct reason given for the ban although a lack of payment for a “sponsor tax” issued by the UFC which charges companies appearing on fighter’s official apparel or even the UFC’s Octagon.
This comes as both a huge blow to Pretorian’s advertising and countless Brazilian fighters who have been seen in Pretorian sponsored gear.
6/6/13 1:04:24PM
Bet Barao is pissed.
6/6/13 1:39:00PM
i think they will find a way to make things right
6/6/13 1:46:23PM
S H O C K I N G ! ! !
6/6/13 8:43:46PM
I bet all of Nova União is pissed... & Big Country
6/6/13 11:56:51PM
Love Pretorian gear too, it wont be long
6/7/13 1:05:53PM
Kinda stupid, Pretorian is a sik brand and a lot of fighters wear it. I wonder what the guys wearing on saturday will have to... put some tape over it?