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10/13/09 9:34:57PM
Hey guys. I've come to you again seeking some help for my "legendary" article. In the past few weeks, I've taken on the responsibility of writing a Top Ten article. I really need a banner made for my article. I'm not really particular about what it looks like rather then it just looking badass. The name of the article is T-Berg's Top 10. Is there anyone that can help out with this? I will most certainly give you a shout out and props in the actual article. Thanks and just post them here if you want. Let me know if you have any questions and I greatly appreciate the help!!
10/13/09 9:48:11PM
What size? Should it just revolve around "Top 10" or a specific theme?
10/14/09 3:02:19PM

This is what I have now, so I would like the same size if possible but would like different pictures of great moments in MMA in the background. I would like the text to run through the center of the banner. I hope that I've cleared this up if you want to help. It does mean a great deal to me!!
10/14/09 6:20:44PM

I looked to the heavens for guidance on this banner and realized that it just ain't MMA without some Kyle Maynard.
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