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4/25/07 11:46:37AM

Posted by Ydoc

Plus his money was refunded, so no problem there.

I wouldnt of refunded his money...why?

I got banned from Sherdog back when Herring fought Jake O'Brien......well after the fight ended i made a Heath Herring vs Ross Pointon thread as a joke and i got banned for fighter bashing........without warning!!..Mod who banned me must have been a huge Heath Herring fan and upset that he lost

the only reason i made this thread was because i was telling everyone Herring was overrated,and that Jake was a great wrestler..........so that thread was just a "haaa in ya face" for all the people who were arguing that Herring would dominate.

I was new to the site but yea i did notice that people would really piss me off on that site..lol...does suck......if i wouldnt of gotten banned i would of never found this hidden gem that is MMAPG :)

guess i learned my lesson the hard way.......cant believe they banned me forever for something like that....a month or so was reasonable...but not forever!......the only thing i liked from Sherdog was the Boxing forums..not much flamming there..

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