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7/20/08 2:44:54AM
First, I watched both the promotions' cards tonight. For starters, the Affliction card was not the "greatest mma cards ever put together". It proved to be a great display of some the world's great heavyweights, and a refreshing spark from Babalu, a boring out of shape Matt Lindland, and the revamped Vitor! But Fedor's coming out party tops it off. This guy is relatively unknown to the "Ultimate Fighter" mma crowd. He comes in and drops Tim who a year ago, was champ in the UFC(just like Randy did) then, finishs him off with his wrist!Eat that Nog! Who, was in attendence(how you like that Dana) supporting his brother who beat down Deweeakkk! Anyways, bringing in Randy at the end was a good boost and a savvy, but obvious marketing ploy for a future Fedor vs. Randy matchup. If you asked me right now, I don't see Anybody touching this man. I think Randy would be asleep before the bell rang This guy is a monster.
Arlovski looked really good and a Sylvia or Fedor, or Barnett fight looks like whats going to happen and I'm anxious for any of them. Tito was there. Sitting to the Right of Mr. Trump I might add. Maybe Babalu vs. Tito? Overall, I thought the fights were rather boring. Rothwell Arlovski got my fight of the "card" and I was most impressed with Fedor, Arlovski, and Babalu.
Anderson Silva. You know when the UFC decided to put this show together less than two months ago, I thought it was interesting, but risky too. After watching the fights I couldn't help but to think it might of been too much. Oh, who am I kidding. Anytime I get to see my man Spider lay it down on somebody I'm Game. James "I know Anderson don't punch harder than Rampage" Irvin figured out real quick, that wasn't the case. No disrespect. One punch and he curled up. You can't tell me that guys punches ain't hard. You know What I like about Silva is? He doesn't leave any doubts who won, or who did this and that, you just know and are in awe when you watch this man go to work. Two prominent fighters fought in a different weight classes, and the Truth was told. And it wasn't in Vera's case. Silva proved to be the "Truth" in the 205 division debuts. Vera showed that cutting that weight in a short amount of time doesn't help conditioning. On any other Brandon Vera days, I think he'd a took this guy out, But Reese Andy proved he could fight on the big stage. I don't know for how long, but hey, six weeks! Frankie Edgar looked really good in his victory and he looked like he put some more muscle like he said he was going to so that was a good sign. Cain "The Next Coming" Velasquez is the next up and coming heavyweight (Kimbo Who?) And last, Anthony Johnson needs his TKNO loss turned over immediately, DQ for Burns although, he is a tough guy.
If theres a winner, it's the fans who got to see the two, or two of the top fighters ever, handle their business. It was a sight, and a pleasure to watch.
7/20/08 2:55:51AM
I agree 100% and props to you the PITE (Poke in the eye)win should be turned over
7/20/08 3:38:28AM
geez, u must be like a professional writer or something, very well put together.

and i agree totally

7/20/08 7:53:24AM
Great night for MMA fans.

Few thoughts of mine:

Silva - Absolutely phenomenal, what an ambassador for the sport.

Fedor - The guy's for real. Definately. I must admit i've doubted his place in the upper echelons of the HW division. Not anymore.

AA and Belfort - Great to see these two back to some sort of form. Both looked impressive and long may it continue.

Rothwell - Looked good in defeat imo, even though clearly outclassed. Iron chin.

Vera - 'The Truth' is that this guy is so overrated. He proved it beyond doubt last night. A 'B level' fighter at best. Will probably make a good gatekeeper for the LHW division.

Cain Velasquez - THE FUTURE of the HW division.

Kevin Burns - Rumble deserves a rematch.

Lil Nog - Please sign him Dana

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