When will the bankrolls be reset?

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3/15/11 11:15:31PM
3 days left for the event and they are still not reset. Any word on when it will happen?
3/15/11 11:25:19PM
Good call. The upper brass has been notified.
3/16/11 12:16:56AM
128 looks to be added to the previous season, that might explain why the bankrolls werent reset.
3/16/11 6:19:02AM
it will be resolved within 24 hours. no worries

3/16/11 9:51:28PM
Ok. they have changed their minds. Her e is what I was told

I'm sorry to say that it is not going to be possible to start the next season with the next event. It would be a re-write of the season stats procedures which is literally tens-of-thousands of lines of code that would have to be gone through to do this and it's just not an option. Please notify everyone and let them know that there is one more event in this season.
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