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1/3/08 11:38:56AM
I was looking over the members of my fight camp and noticed that most of us have $1000 bankrolls to start the new season...BUT...2 members have $500 bankrolls. The one member's ranking is (#0) and the other member doensn't have a ranking, period.

Can someone explain this to me?

Thanks in advance!
1/3/08 11:45:28AM
The 500$ will go up to 1000$ don't worry.

it is normal to see that with new members who don't have play before.

i don't know exactly why but it is kind of automatic .

2/5/08 2:42:57PM
so how do we bet?
2/5/08 4:13:29PM

Posted by madfrog0

so how do we bet?

Look to the top of your page and click on My Playground
from there on the left side of your screen you should see your Quick Links . Click on My Fantasy Wagers and your to the page. We use a +/- system which is pretty easy to learn once you start using it. You get a $1000 bankroll to start with and you get money from correctly picking fights in My Fantasy Picks .
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