Did "Bang" Ludwig score UFC's fastest knockout? NSAC seeks legal opinion

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9/6/11 3:13:33PM
The Nevada State Athletic Commission is sympathetic to Duane "Bang" Ludwig's claim to the UFC record for fastest knockout.

And it's currently looking into what can be done.

NSAC Executive Director Keith Kizer today contacted the Nevada Attorney General's Office to see if there's a legal basis for changing the result of Ludwig's 11-second knockout of Jonathan Goulet, which took place in January 2006 at UFC Fight Night 3 (and by all indications ended around the four- or five-second mark).

9/6/11 3:19:01PM
Hopefully they give it to him. Duffee even came out and said Ludwig deserves it.
9/6/11 3:25:54PM

9/6/11 3:52:57PM
Really, 5 years after the fact. Nice to know they got right on it. If this was trying to overturn a conviction, the guy in jail would have lost 5 years of his life that he couldn't get back
9/6/11 4:25:17PM
I'm actually surprised (happily) that they're revisiting this. I never thought they would care enough to review it.
9/6/11 6:22:54PM
They have everal errors. Bang won in 4, ******* count geniuses.
9/8/11 12:16:39AM
I can't click the damn link because you're accolades keep popping up!!
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