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1/14/12 12:42:03AM
BadBeat 4 is streaming live now. If you've got a hankerin' for some Friday night fights, just click the link below.

1/14/12 1:05:38AM
You know I'm always down

EDIT: Shit, looks like I just missed it.

Nvm, it sounded like they were wrapping things up.
1/14/12 1:09:34AM
At my 24 hour prop limit like usual but I'll get ya

How far are we?
1/14/12 1:11:06AM
I think that was the 2nd match that just ended...not sure how many there are total.
1/14/12 1:12:31AM
Gabe Ruediger on the mic saying his opponent got injured and he won't be fighting, but now he's rambling, someone take the mic away from Godzilla.
1/14/12 1:15:26AM
I think the announcer is a little jealous he's not covered in perspiration
1/14/12 1:15:31AM
Scheduled to compete are
Gabe “Godzilla” Ruediger (Former WEC LW Champion, UFC Vet, and TUF 5 Cast Member) vs. Musa Toliver KOTC Vet
Chris “The Real Deal” Beal (Badbeat MMA Vet) vs. Jimmy “Rabbit” Jones (KOTC Vet)
Jack “The Outlaw” May (Badbeat MMA Vet and Future HW Star) vs. Jeremiah Martinez
Michael Jasper (Badbeat MMA Vet) vs. Miguel Cosio (WEC Vet)
Vince Ortiz (Badbeat MMA Vet) vs. Joe Condon (KOTC Vet)
Brandon Anderson (KOTC, Gladiator Challenge, LBFN Vet) vs. Bobby “The Kid” Sanchez
Josh Williams vs. Eric Winston (The JJ Kid)
and more!

Also ALFA Fighters scheduled to compete are
David Duran vs. Edwin De Santiago
Christian Aguilera vs. Andrew Detwiler
Jim Mendez vs. Jose Gonzalez
Edgar Gonzalez vs. Bryan“Blueprint” Payan
Robert Pelayo Jr. vs. Chris Schommer


Not sure how updated that is, if anyone finds an updated one with fight order please post
1/14/12 1:17:46AM
Come chat Budgey.
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