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12/9/08 1:33:59PM
If Badr Hari was suspended indefinitely after his K-1 WGP Finals debacle, which some rumors out of Japan suggest, that indefinite suspension may not be long. A Croatian source is reporting that Hari has been offered a K-1 Dynamite!! fight against Mirko Cro Cop. Another remote but extremely unlikely possibility for Hari is Alistair Overeem, now rumored to fight Sergei Kharitonov at Dynamite.

12/9/08 1:50:49PM
horrible match-up for CC, Hari had a good showin at the K-1 GP plus had Remy rocked in the final before he decided to stomp on his face. I am a CC fan but he needs to take time off to get 100%.
12/9/08 3:06:02PM
would this be a k1 match or mma? either way i doubt any of these fights will pan out.
12/9/08 3:08:04PM
No ways its Cro Cop if he wants to keep any kind of a reputation, he cant pull out of the overeem fight becouse of injury then fight somebody else. I wouldnt mind seeing him fight allister though. Somebody needs to shut that guys mouth.
12/9/08 5:55:09PM
I saw yesterday on here that Hari is slated to face kimbo in march. His suspension must not be real or just an indefinate formality.
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