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2/7/08 5:03:03PM
So I know on the forums you can recieve badges and names for number of posts but does anyone know exactly how to get some of them?

Mod- Obviously for mods
Events and Earnings- Being in the top ten
Top Poster- Making the most posts in top ten?
Top Camp- Being in a top camp

Also the names, is MMA Sensai the last one?
Whats the order to
Learing to sprawl
MMA Regular (50)
Stand Up Guy (500)
Belt contender (?)
MMA Sensai (1000)
2/7/08 5:06:09PM
Post Count
0-49 Learning to Sprawl
50-249 MMA Regular
250-499 Standup Guy.
500-799 Full Mount.
800-999 Belt Contender
1000+ MMA Sensei

Video Hound- At Least 150 Videos and uploads at least 25 per year (since a few of the guys have just uploaded 100 videos bitched about the badge then stopped uploading)
New Mogul- At Least 75 News Articles and at least 20 per year.

Must have over 500 post, no warnings in a 3 month span, no bans in a year,be a member at least 6 months, and one of the mods must nominate them. Then we vote on it.

Anyone who begs for a badge will probably get bitchslapped. Or in Mod terms ''Hippysmacked''.