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2/1/11 12:41:42PM
The age of the super camp is upon us in the world of MMA. From Team Jackson to American Kickboxing Academy to American Top Team, fighters from all over the world flock to bigger and bigger camps to get the training, coaching, and sparring necessary to take them to the next level, be it the UFC, Strikeforce, or beyond.

The newest team forming in Arizona at the new Power MMA & Fitness gym is headed up by a group of top flight UFC fighters along with a Strikeforce title contender, and they hope to form the next great camp.

Ryan Bader, Aaron Simpson, and C.B. Dollaway, along with Robbie Lawler and others have worked to open their new gym in Arizona. It’s starting to pay off already with fighters traveling from all over the country to work with the team.

2/1/11 7:48:14PM
Robbie is a step in the right direction, but he is a fighter.....they need a top notch striking coach, someone who understands kickboxing and muay thai, a solid BJJ coach could also do wonders. I like the start of this new camp but wish there wasn't 3 top level MWs there.....what if the UFC puts CB vs Simpson together?
2/1/11 10:17:55PM
sounds like a great story. hope it works out for them
2/2/11 4:38:59AM
Am I the only person that has a problem with this camp? It's the blind leading the blind. I'm not fighter bashing by any stretch of the imagination, but there's no A fighter in this camp. There's a bunch of solid B's and B+'s, but no A fighter.

Aside from that, where's the parity among these fighters, Bader, Simpson, & Dollaway are all wrestlers. What exactly are these guys teaching one another? The only beneficiary I see in this entire group is Lawler.

If you look at AKA, ATT, Black House, and Jackson's Submission fighting, there's a bunch of parity among the members of the camp. You stand to gain something by training with each and every member.

I fail to see how Bader, Simpson, and Dollaway are going to make themselves better fighters by training with, for lack of a better term, themselves. Sure, their grappling will improve, but nothing else will significantly improve.

I understand that they are going to different camps and training with different people, but that's not a consistent thing and will only help so much because it's done in spurts and is, usually, specifically for one particular fight.

I don't have problems with a group of fighters starting a camp of their own, but at least TRY to get different styles in your camp before starting it.
3/31/11 11:53:48PM
I agree with Blue Skies who gives Bader a good challenge there really...I think the other guys can get better...but Bader should do some traveling...I know hes invested and he dates Dollaway but Bader I think could be a contender...Just cause Jon Jones wrapped him up no shame there...His face looked better than Ruas at the end...
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