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9/5/07 4:32:56PM
Denying the carotid artery its sole mission in the human body -- to deliver blood to the slurping brain -- can be alternately celebrated or vilified. It's simply a matter of a few seconds.

9/5/07 4:52:42PM
I agree 100%
9/5/07 6:23:46PM
i think mma is the best sport in the world
9/5/07 7:39:56PM
Get over it god he got his contract pulled!! Leave the guy alone already. He will rack up some wins in some other leagues and be back in a year or two.
9/6/07 12:26:24AM
did you actually read the article??? The guy is defending him, not criticizing him.
9/6/07 4:33:19AM
Babalu won't be back anytime soon. And if he does, I hope Dana feeds him to someone that will crush him and make him wish he never returned. I read his statement following his dismissal and it sounds like complete BS.
9/6/07 9:40:29AM
I have to say that I am 100% on Babalu's side on this one! You can't blame a guy for being a little slow to turn his hate off! Jake Rossen is right, Babalu is being used as a sacrificial lamb to the media. If doing something after the bell warrants expulsion from the UFC, then there are many fighters that should be gone for holding on to a sub too long or for THROWING SHOTS after the bell.

This would mean Penn would be gone for holding on to pulver as well as a whole slew of fighters gone for punches on a KOed fighter after the bell.........This would include Gonzaga for throwing hammers at Crocop when he was clearly out, Arlovski for the same thing against Matyushenko, Rashad (Salmon), Mcfedries (Radev) and the list goes on.

Fighters have to know where they stand with the rules and punishments and the message the UFC is basically sending is that everything is fair game unless the media gets upset and there are a few articles about it making the sport look bad! I honestly believe that if that fight was not so bloody then everyone would be singing a different tune right know. Rogan's commentary did not help either, "if this was a horror movie you would say that this is too much blood".

My point is that Babalu got the short end of the stick on this one. The ref had plenty of opportunity to stop the fight and get the cut looked at which would have surely ended the fight. There was no way Heath could continue with that cut. Babalu is being used as a scapegoat and I will continue to support him regardless.
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