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3/27/07 9:03:05AM
took this from here, at

There were murmurs throughout the crowd, a feeling of disappointment perhaps at PRIDE being bought by an American company, of DSE’s ten-year run of the once successful company coming to an end, and at the apparent pillow-talk of how PRIDE will always be Japanese.

However, once the new matches were announced, which included PRIDE-UFC style rivalries, the fight fans in the crowd took over, cheering thunderously. Nearly 250 spectators warmly welcomed heavyweights Jeff Monson and Kazuyuki Fujita, who walked onto the stage to promote their match-up at PRIDE 34’s “Kamikaze,” scheduled for April 8 at the Saitama Super Arena in Saitama. Also announced for April 8, Ikuhisa Minowa will meet Don Frye and recently deposed PRIDE Middleweight (Under 205 lbs.) Champion Wanderlei Silva will face a yet-to-be identified opponent.


why do they do this to minowa? i know the dude is off his rocker.. but i mean..

frye by KO, round 1
3/27/07 9:13:39AM
tell me about it, poor Minowa. He's like a poor mans Gary Goodridge, just getting fed to anybody and everybody.
3/27/07 10:08:59AM
You're kiddin me right?
This is a nice break for him. He'll sub Frye in the first round.

btw. If Fujita - Monson is the main event I don't want to see the rest of the card.

It's pretty sad that Sakakibaras last event will be the worst Pride card ever.
3/27/07 2:45:05PM
i agree, so far the card is lacking

and i hate matches like frye vs minowa.

i'll still watch it nonetheless for zelg's debut, shinya aoki, and the freak show match butterbean vs zulu
3/27/07 3:17:41PM
I agree its a break for Minowa in my opinion. Minoowa has all the skills to defeat Frye if he focuses.

With that being said I would not be surprised if Frye won but I am really cheering for Minowa and I think he will win if he is prepared.
3/27/07 3:29:01PM
isn't don frye like 3-0-1 since his comeback?

K-1 + cage rage is it ?
3/27/07 7:00:52PM
I think it's funny how Dna is trying to kkp the rivalry going. SOmeone posted an article earlier about them doing a WWE raw vs smackdown idea. I think it will only fly on a nationalist level. Evryone else will just want to see the best fights IMO. As for Minowa/Frye. This will probably be the last freakshow match , as it's still under dreamstage ownership for this event. Minowa could sub him, but I doubt it. I think Frye will Ko him.
3/27/07 7:31:48PM
Minowa is the whitest asian in MMA, props on that mullet, most white guys cant even pull that off.
3/27/07 11:21:50PM
Gotta go with Ol Don on this one. Don by KO
3/28/07 2:43:25AM
don frye by murder 3:46 seconds before the fight begins.....
3/28/07 3:40:44AM
I follow two rules when betting on fights. Always bet against the French, never bet against Don Frye.
3/28/07 3:44:21AM
hell yea! don frye via mustache brutality!
3/28/07 3:46:26AM
Wow I might actually get some decent odds on this one
3/28/07 3:53:25AM
well i guess if wanderlei silva is gonna be fighting somebody on the card i might have to check it out

unless its like wanderlei silva vs a 165 daiju takase

and don frye > tom selleck
3/28/07 6:20:22AM
Frye is riddled with injuries. This is a better fight for Minowa than it looks.
3/28/07 11:26:32AM
Don Frye by Hilarious Male Advice
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