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7/11/12 3:29:17PM
We should have some good action set up today! These fights should definitely make up for the disappointment I felt on Saturday. Even the Strikeforce card is looking good!

Anyone else excited? Where are you watching the fights? Which fight are you most excited for?
7/11/12 3:38:07PM
I'm with ya, P$! Tons of great fights in store for us between UFC and Strikeforce!

Oh, and as far aswho I'm most excited for.... LAWLEEER!
7/11/12 3:45:08PM
Most looking forward to the Carmont/Vemola and Dos Anjos/Njokuani fights. Not real confident in my picks for these two!
7/11/12 4:00:34PM
1) Mr. Kennedy vs Rockhold
2) Marky Mark vs Weidman

Ohh, and the dynamic duo of Mauro & Frank in blistering HD
7/11/12 4:08:21PM
I agree with ya P$. I'm pumped for tonight's fights but my girl just switched from U-Verse, they had Fuel TV, to Xfinity. So no more Fuel TV for me.

I'm looking forward to the Munoz vs Weidman fight the most simply because it's gonna play a huge factor in the next championship fight at MW. And it should be a close fight and I have my first AV bet (Munoz) so that makes it even more interesting.

Also looking forward to Te Huna Vs Beltran and Dos Anjos Vs Njokuani. In general I'm looking forward to all of it. Just gotta find a friend with Fuel TV.
7/11/12 4:55:01PM
only thing that get's me down about these fights is watching them on my
7/11/12 5:53:44PM

Posted by scoozna

Most looking forward to the Carmont/Vemola and Dos Anjos/Njokuani fights. Not real confident in my picks for these two!

I hear you there. Dos Anjos fights are always exciting and against Njokuani anything could happen. I think Vemola can take this fight, but I will never disregard Carmont.

Both fights should be exciting.
7/11/12 9:21:32PM
Good stuff guys! Looks like our hopes and expectations are being met so far
7/11/12 9:27:45PM
Of course im excited, i'm going to the fights Saturday at the Rose Garden
7/12/12 11:53:16AM
I'm curious to see how Marquardt looks WW for the first time. Him and Jardine are writing the book on what to do after being cut from the UFC: drop down a weight class and get an immedate title shot in Strikeforce.

But above all I'm looking forward to seeing Robbie Lawler fight. Does anyone know what weight this will be at?? I assume Larkin is dropping down or its gonna be a catch weight.
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