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6/7/07 5:34:33PM

Anthony Morrison is one of the most exciting figures to enter the sport of MMA in a quite a while. His out of ring commentary has gotten him in to some major feuds with his competition. He's a golden gloves champion boxer, all American wrestler, with unbelievably powerful & super quick hands as well as a very strong takedown defense. He's extremely comfortable in Brazilian Jujitsu training under a Gracie black belt and Sakasem Siam Muay Thai (Fairtex) trainer the likes of the legendary Joe Diamond and UFC all-star Dan Severn.

Anthony Morrison has been climbing the ranks lately in MMA and should put on one hell of a show Saturday June 23rd at Atlantic City, NJ when he gets his CFFC championship belt shot against Jim Miller the reining lightweight champion.

You have to check this one out. Anthony Morrison really puts on a show! Not to mention the Main Event is a special Heavyweight bout between former Boxing Champ Ray Mercer and infamous internet celeb Kimbo Slice (put his name in youtube & you’ll see):thumb01: This one is a must see!
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