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3/18/10 8:14:33AM
Johnson, fought his way to the finals of "TUF 9: and seeks use the momentum from his first UFC win to defeat his next opponent and climb the next rung of the 170 ladder.

Johnson earned the victory against Edgar Garcia on the preliminary card of UFC 107 this past December, and he battled through early adversity in a striking exchange to lock in a fight-ending triangle choke moments later. The hold netted Johnson an extra $65,000 as the evening's "Submission of the Night" winner.

Meanwhile, Blackburn seeks to rebound from his first UFC loss, a unanimous decision to "The Ultimate Fighter 7" winner Amir Sadollah at January's UFC Fight Night 20 event. The loss snapped a five-fight winning streak for Blackburn – a run that included wins over Garcia, Ryo Chonan and James Giboo.

These two have the potential to become top 10 fighters in the division. This fight is sure to put both names on the map as I expect this to win “Fight of the Night” honors.
3/18/10 7:19:41PM
i highly doubt either one would ever be a top 10 fighter in the ufc
3/19/10 12:18:04AM
I don't know about this fight. I thought with Brad's speed and good boxing, I thought he'd easily outpoint Amir like he did Edgar even though I should have realized Amir's a more versatile striker then Edgar, but that's how I feel on this fight too, Brad's speed and boxing should be enough to outpoint him but of course I could be wrong again but I don't think Johnson is as good as Amir atleast striking wise so I think Brad wins this decision.
3/19/10 9:00:24PM
I agree with you Prozac, but that doesn't mean that it wont be a barnburner of a fight. IMO there are four levels of fighters in any given division. 1:New comer/low tier/2-3 loss in a row guys, 2:Gatekeepers and Rising Stars 3: Contenders, 4: Elite. Both of these guys fall right between gatekeeper and Rising Star. Both love to bang and have skills on the ground. DeMarcus should have a reach advantage. I am not sure on this one. Blackburns expierience might carry him through to a UD.
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