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8/5/09 4:35:32PM
I have a really bad back and I've been gaining a lot of weight. Is there an exercise that's a low impact on my back and will help me lose weight? Any help or suggestions will be appreciated.
8/5/09 7:57:31PM
I also have a really bad back I ride a bike in my basement and when I was trying to lose weight I talked with a nutritionist my dr recomended which helped a ton. My back was so bad I couldn't run on a tredmill cause I would throw it out I have to strech every morning when I wake up cause its all twisted up I thought it was the bed so I bought a sleep number to give me options to try my back is just all ****** up good luck with this
9/22/09 1:06:48AM
I agree with riding a stationary bike for a light workout.

Also, if you have access or could go to a pool and do some light swimming it could also be a good alternative.
9/22/09 1:27:12AM
Riding a bike sounds like a good alternative. For keeping body fat down you don't really have to work out hard. You've just got to keep a medium high heart rate for extended periods of time. Depending on how old you are and what shape you're in this usually falls in the 120-150bpm range. Just sit on the bike, listen to tunes or watch tv, and pedal away. An hour a day should burn off a good number of calories. Just make sure it's a more supine type stationary bike that way you have some good back support
9/22/09 3:49:11PM
Stationary bike and walking is what I do on the days my back is really bad. Walking is great for back problems and most doctors will recommend it. The other thing is watch your diet and avoid fast food and soda.

This is the big thing before doing any workout make sure you do light stretches. This is a must for people with back problems.
10/2/09 10:47:53AM
Here is an article I just added to my site that you may find helpful. It's called, Preventing Low Back Pain in Grappling and Martial Arts

Hope it helps!
10/6/09 9:03:36PM
If it is in the muscle go to physio
if it is in the bone go to a chriopracter.

Simple but effective.
Also strengthing the mucles in your back can do wonders. I fell 20ft off a playground as a child and have a misaligned pelvis as a result.
Now in my 20's i began getting really bad lower back pain from doing BJJ.
When my back is bad i visited my chriopracter, but that seemed to only last till i trained again.
Ultimately the best thing is to exercise the muscles. Good ones include
Good Mornings
Back Extensions

Since lower back is part of core muscles any exercises should be done slowly except deadlifts as they work a larger amount of muscles and can be done explosively.

Dont use weight on Back extensions or Goodmornings, just rep them out. Use a olypmic weight bar if you can for goodmornings.
Hope this helps, lower back pain is the worst.
I havent suffered from barely any recently and i attribute it to strengthening the muscles.
10/7/09 10:22:07AM
My advice to you, before you follow any of the exercise plans on this thread (no offense guys), is to know why you have a bad back. Bad backs can be caused by a number of different things (back injury, feet/knee problems, bad matress, etc). You treatment and/or exercise plan will depend on the cause of your back problem.
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