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1/28/09 1:57:51PM
I have had a passion for the sport of fighting since i was young. boxing and bjj background. i have always been in good shape. but lately two years of college for computers and been extremely busy has made me severely out of shape. also my diet sucks

i have always had asthma but never this bad. no matter what i do it prevents me from getting where i want to. i have been doing some research and i have been reading a lot of preservatives and additives in foods aggravate my asthma.

so i tried eating fruits vegetables, i only eat meat I know is all natural. i take fish oil pills because it is anti inflammatory. it's starting to work slowly. the problem is i've lost 15 pounds due to my new healthy diet I'm trying to enforce. and i really dont want to lose weight.

I join a Brazilian jujitsu class and i cant even make it through 1/4 of the workout. i feel like (excuse my french) a ******* idiot. it's quite embarrassing.

I really dont know what to do. i need help on what to eat for one because i dont eat alot of food because i know whats in it.

Here is a list of what I can have

Any type of breads, this includes cereal
Dairy products
anything you eat thats cold.
need to cut down on sodium so that limits my meats.

i am suppose to eat a lot of raw foods. but idkn what that is besides sushi.

no i don't have medical insurance nor the money to go see an allergist or cardiologist.

If anyone could help me on what to eat because i am often confused and hungry and i know being hungry is not good especially when trying to work out.

Also could anyone tell me about what to do about my asthma so i can finally really train hard it would be so greatly appreciated

thank you for any well put advice gaven to me

1/28/09 3:05:36PM
if you're always hungry you're not going to have much energy. energy comes from the foods you eat, and it seems you're not getting the right intake. i don't know the restrictions on diets if you have asthma but lean protein, nuts, are a good source of energy. also besides the fish oil, get more vitamins and minerals in your intake, vitamin c, etc etc. Also, you can try vegan restaurants if you prefer fresh and raw ingredients.
1/29/09 6:25:09AM
I wouldn'r recommend fighting or training for that matter w/o medical insurance. it is obvious that medical bills are expensive and they are not getting any cheaper because of more people without insurance aren't paying their bills. At least get medical assistance or check into getting private insurance if you are rich enough. Keeping fit is an important thing for body and mind, but the risk of any contact sport makes the risk of you getting injured easily. not to mention if something is up like a bump, rash, or something not feeling right increases the chance of you spreading disease to others. Honestly MRSA is nasty and so many wrestlers spread it because of the lack of paying attention to their body and following up medically. Good luck in your passion but be safe cuz it could cost more than you bargain for.
2/12/09 12:05:26PM
Learning how to breathe and pace is a good idea. Also, mentality is the difference between gassing and not in a lot of cases.

I have very slight asthma, and it entirely dissappears when I go hardcore on cardio. So if you work through the pain, use natural lung expanders (like the stuff the you rub on your chest and it evaporate and you breathe it. I'm drawing a blank on the name) you might be able to reduce asthma's effects.

Learning pace and breathing are central no matter what though. Everyone who does Jitz should know how to do those.
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