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8/30/08 2:27:03PM
i personally didnt like it at all. but if you like confusing, semi-action movies with horribly cliche endings then this might be a movie for you
8/30/08 8:38:52PM
I read the book, and the movie was good, but not great. You probably don't know thsi but it was shot to be rated R , and teh studio hacked 20 minutes off it to make it pg-13. This pissed of the director and Vin Deisel. Both said they would not do publicity for the movie last week. I don't know if Deisel relented , but the director blasted the studio here.

Not knowing this before I saw it made it better. Now I would give it a 71/2 out of 10. Im not sad I saw it, but i think the directors cut will be much better
8/31/08 9:30:17AM
i think i would have liked it better if i knew what exactly was going on towards the end. it just got kinda confusing
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